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Many homes have hardwood flooring. However, the next best thing is laminate wood flooring. Often times, if your budget will not allow authentic hardwood flooring, laminate flooring may fit better. This type of flooring is amazingly easy to clean and looks as good as true hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring popularity is growing steadily each year.
How Much Does Laminate Cost
If you compare the cost of hardwood floors and laminate floors, you will find that the bargain prices favor laminate floors. It is possible to purchase laminate flooring for around 90 cents per square foot. However, the comparison price for hardwood flooring is $2.50 per square foot. So you save $1.60 per square foot if you purchase laminate floors over hardwood floors. The savings can add up, depending on the size of the area that will receive the flooring.
How Does Laminate Look
Laminate floors have the look of hardwood floors. Typically it is hard to tell the difference at the first glance of the flooring. Though some laminate wood floors looks too perfect to be mistaken for hardwood floors, laminate floors are a great option when it comes to installing new flooring. The visual elegance that laminate floors provide can be awe inspiring.
offers the equivalent look of hardwood floors with a much lower price tag. Though cheaper, the visual impact of laminate floors is not sacrificed. will guide you in the right direction and provide you with you can be proud of. The amount of savings that laminate floors will offer you are amazing. For the fraction of the cost of hardwood floors, laminate floors can give you the stylish look and easy to clean benefit that only laminate floors can provide.
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