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Disposable Earth-friendly Products
Getting your garden spruced up in time for spring and considering ways you could improve the area? Thinking of fitting timber types of Decking to enjoy the best of the summer weather? Hang fire a minute before you place that order for wooden Decking because you might just want to give composite decking a little thought. Timber Decking might be your first consideration but composite decking is a genuine alternative that benefits from a number of plus points.
Wood plastic composites (WPC) look just like traditional types of Decking but they are a brilliant substitute that you just might want to consider. Here are a few reasons why you might want to pick WPC Decking over other products.
Sure, that timber Decking looks lovely when it first laid into position but once it left to the elements it soon starts to show signs of its age. Moisture gets into the Decking and over a period of time this can cause the wood to rot. Plus your nice new wooden Decking is prone to attacks from fungal infections and insects and this can do untold levels of damage.
Now consider composite decking. This type of Decking is extremely moisture resistant it doesn suffer from fungal infections and insects struggle to leave a mark. Quite simply the WPC Decking is more durable, it hard wearing and long lasting designed specifically to provide you with many years of pleasure.
Another problem with timber Decking is the planks distort over a period of time. Left to its own devices timber Decking might bow or warp, they can start to splinter if left to dry out as well. It different with composite decking, WPC materials don suffer from the effects of warping, they won splinter and they definitely won bow. Instead the Decking just keeps on looking lovely throughout the year without any type of maintenance.
Therefore, WPC Decking is easier to live with on a day-to-day basis so if you want great looking decking that easy to fit and even easier to look after consider opting for joists that are made from composite materials.
Decking from is in such high consumer demand as all of our products are flawless and functional and arrive in pristine condition. We supply top notch, reasonably priced composite decking.
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