01/09/18 08:58AM
the thickness of the wood floor
especially without the middle part of the trade, reduce costs and expenses, Relatively low prices of the same grade products, so that ordinary consumers easily enjoy the floor from Switzerland. A few hours of interview so that reporters better understanding of this high-quality flooring.
brands and agree that refining a well-known brand is not only good quality and service, but also have their own unique business philosophy and development path, perhaps this Many hundred years of brand real business "longevity."Installed geothermal how to choose the floor,
Wuhan Guanghua heating person in charge of Pan Xiang that the thickness of the wood floor is the decision of its foot comfort factors, so many consumers in the purchase of flooring, especially the purchase of solid wood, multi-layer solid wood flooring or Bamboo flooring are required when the thickness of 15-18mm.
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