01/10/18 07:00AM
Chinese wood flooring businesses
such as the domestic wood giant Yihua, Bo Gao ranked top ten brands of Chinese wood flooring businesses have come to exhibitors, Focus Network furniture channel reporter on the current Exhibitors on the Parker floor area manager Mr. Huang Yunxiang conducted an interview.
[Focus Network Furniture Channel] exhibitors from the beginning yesterday, our booth about the size of the area? What is the product on display? [Parker floor] Our exhibition area is the largest in the woodworking industry, with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters,
about 250 square meters, which is the largest floor area in the woodworking industry. [Focus Network Furniture Channel] What products are exhibited? Is there some quality? [Bo Gao floor] right. We have exhibited a lot of products, and some of the products behind our network Super Girl are aimed at the domestic market in China.
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