01/10/18 10:13AM
Wooden floor

<p>the autumn had arrived, the woman that loves the United States won't forget her to deploy to protect the cosmetic with wet extremely powerful effect for certain. But, did not forget, the floor of your home also is facing dry worry, how to give floor filling water, you cannot miss the following unexpected tricky move certainly! </p>

<p>Sweet floor is the object that the need in living in an environment caresses mainly, it " serve " good, ability all enjoys comfortable household live. To make a floor satisfactory, indoor should keep constant temperature and humidity, floor temperature is best under 28 ℃ , humidity had better maintain between 50%-70% . </p>

<p>Such, wooden floor can hold the position that stabilizes relatively in, won't produce all sorts of problems because of difference of temperature, humidity. </p>

<p>Real wood floor: Filling water, wax work along both lines</p>


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