01/11/18 01:55AM
no protection around the plate
When standing on the back of the fall back down the moment, everyone's expression is fear, everyone said the last word, the whole atmosphere and the scene even more a bit more scary, are a bit deadly place Afterlife feeling. In order to extend to real life,
that is, behind the trust is more responsibility, mutual understanding of trust, mutual trust, trust needs to empathy, to do their duty to let others believe you, you will believe other people. The second phase is broken bridge. This is a self-challenge project,
each climbing the ladder up to 8 meters high altitude. Jumping from a 20 cm plate to another 20 cm plate spaced 1.5 m apart, there is no protection around the plate. If you do not jump good, or psychological fear, it is possible to fall into the deep valley.
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