01/11/18 02:47AM
Decide to use the garden type office environment.
Once you have decided on the size and layout of your garden office, you can start designing your work space in an ergonomic sense. Your desk and chair are where you will be spending most of your day, so finding comfortable seating and the right desk is absolutely crucial. You might also want to make sure you have a monitor level, wrist gel pads and other accessories.
Studies have shown that plants on your desk; or elsewhere in your office have a positive impact upon productivity.
Moving your office into the garden gives you the privacy and freedom from distractions that you need in order to focus on the job at hand. It is also helpful to have this sort of clear distinction between your work space and your home, as a blurring of these boundaries has blighted many an otherwise happy home worker.
Choosing decor for your office isn't just fun, it is actually a very important decision that can affect the way you work. As a general rule, very bright colours are best avoided as they can be distracting. Choose pale greens and blues to enhance concentration, browns for stability and colours like oranges and reds for energy and enthusiasm.
An office in the backyard or garden can be a designated work space that could help home workers to become more focused and even more productive possibly because it is a detached building away from the home. It will add value to your home or if you get so attached to your detached workspace that you do not want to be separated, you can simply take it with you if you move home.
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