02/02/18 03:13AM
heavy pollution weather
production and lash-up of heavy pollution weather are answered. is checked in unprecedented aggrandizement superintend and director and to leading a cadre " [url=]composite fencing for yard[/url] quantify ask duty " below pressure, the four seasons was spent 2017 " program of action of assault fortified positions " finished result exceeds a target. Environmental protection ministry releases " about reporting Beijing ferry to hope air

pollution transmits passageway [url=]aluminum privacy fence panel[/url] city ambient air quality will concern 10 ~ in December 2017 the case of the circumstance " show, 2017 10-12 month, "2+26 " limits of urban PM2.5 average concentration is 49-97 microgramme / stere, it is 71 microgramme on average / stere, drop compared to the same period 34.3% , all achieved the goal that improves 10%-25% . [url=]balcony designs of srilanka[/url] Before 3 cities with average inferior

concentration are ordinal it is Beijing, Langfang and Tianjin city; Before 3 cities with average higher concentration are ordinal it is Han Dan, Shijiazhuang [url=]add lattice panels to Embossing floor railing[/url] and Xing stage city. Fall a before the rank 3 city for Shijiazhuang, Beijing and Langfang city, drop respectively 54.8% , 53.8% with 45.5% . Anhui Hefei begins quality to promote an activity in the light of wooden look forward to

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