02/02/18 03:46AM
the parquet production capacity of enterprises
Harbin has reason to be regarded as China's richest city in Russia. Not long ago, the city and Amur also narrowed their distance. Far East Timber Company Russia-China Timber Processing Plant was set up in the suburbs of Harbin. Mainly engaged in the business of Chinese experts.
China's parquet flooring made of Amur wood is renowned worldwide. At present, the company is still in the development stage. The plant's chief technologist Nikolai Korotye announced that so far the parquet production capacity of enterprises 2.3 million square meters,
the recent plan to produce 4.5 million square meters. The company's president, Victor Chelyethemlin, said the factory in Harbin has combined the strengths of both Russia and China to produce high-volume, parquet floors at a competitive price. "New shop floor cracked house can not be admitted" to track,
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