02/02/18 07:03AM
among them enterprises
checked group checked 678 companies in all (unit) , discover 27 among them enterprises (unit) problem of situation of existence experience compression ring. [url=]buy used vinyl fence for sale[/url] The enterprise of existence problem (unit) in, treat corrupt establishment moves out of order, 5 each of management of dirt of raise of construction building site and problem of blame industry pollution, did not install pollution to

govern establishment and industrial [url=]wood balcony deck plans free[/url] business 3 each of problem of situation of other experience compression ring, production of industrial business wrong peak and industrial business did not fulfil two each when discharge punish requirement without the organization, experience is enraged " messy corrupt " 1 each when lash-up of weather of integrated punish, [url=]recycled wood plastic composite lumber denver[/url] heavy pollution answers

the enterprise. Typical situation is as follows: Henan is saved orchid room of the lacquer of furniture limited company that bake did not install the [url=]half size decorative fence panels[/url] Lankaohualan that take an examination of a county pollution administers establishment, discharge continuously via discharging fan; Outside still having detailed account " messy corrupt " the enterprise violates production. Black district of

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