02/02/18 07:24AM
Buy natural wood flooring
1. Buy natural wood flooring more than 60 square meters (the actual pavement area) presented a box of natural leisure floor. Buy natural wood flooring 30-50 square meters, giving every 2 square meters 1 meter solid wood baseboard. 3. Buy nature to strengthen,
parquet every 2 square meters to send 1 meter high polymer baseboard. Olin · Ruhai floor exclusive contractor "caring priceless" activities. The brand into Hangzhou for eight years to "experts, professionals, concentrate on" business philosophy,
quickly in the peer and consumers to establish a good reputation and access to the "Top Ten Zhejiang Province Excellent Brand" "Hangzhou consumer satisfaction Brand "and other honorary titles. Activities and benefits: 1. Nanjing Forestry University expert group visit the Olin floor exhibition hall,
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