02/02/18 09:54AM
solid wood flooring with four-sided
Seiyu solid wood flooring with four-sided planing production process in Germany, all-round closure paint, 16 imported automatic paint coating production line, paint coating with 8 primer 3-coat finish coating process. Jiajiayou floor direct sales stores integrity management,
price stability, service quality, since the opening of the majority of consumers by the recognition and support. Activity discount: GoodJiaYiYou floor direct sales bargain nilly activities, more concessions, see the shop posters. Jianfeng floor, Zhejiang Jinhua Jian Feng Wood Co., Ltd.
is the country's large building materials industry enterprises, the national building materials industry outstanding enterprises, China's first listed building materials enterprises peak (Group) Co., Ltd. under the jurisdiction of the joint-stock enterprises.
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