02/05/18 05:22AM
large crane to enter
personnel employs Qi Qi of 2 3 grab, large crane to enter the arena, spread out large-scale tear open violate the act. As we have learned, violate a building [url=]composite wood floor dubai[/url] to be located in golden canalage here 599, only then build at was being controlled 2003, at that time is the large lumber market of to develop community build, did not obtain legal procedures, belong to illegal construction. From 3 years

great order is violated with "[url=]exterior flooring products[/url] beautiful Qingdao acts 3 years " since beginning, execute the law personnel ever came to persuade for many times, requirement party proper motion is torn open place, at the same time basis law order, gave out to party " deadline is demolished inform a book " , but party was not rectified and reform all the time. New Year beginning,[url=]kodiak decking sale[/url] area of street agency

combination treats garden of world of Li Cang area violate do, the branch such as world garden squadron, community, dispatch execute the law personnel 20 people, [url=]attaching 6x6 post onto vinyl deck[/url] demolish a worker 10 people, grab 3, large crane is carried out 2 times demolish lawfully. It is reported, whole operation will be controlled two weeks continuously. Later period general by street comprehensive to demolishing area

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