02/05/18 05:55AM
entire floor inside the marketing
I think the entire floor inside the marketing, select a strong media, and now is sometimes resort to it. At the moment I think the service it offers, the reputation it offers, is not the same throughout the flooring industry. Through this meeting today,
I hope everyone can pay attention to us. We are now domestic color, the next order of 300 square, 500 square feet, the cost is very high, I think this pattern of thinking to do is a good idea. Including the store I now do, you do not look at the square of 3000,
I just spent a square of twenty dollars less than the cost. I only spent a thousand square meters rent 200,000 rent, my rent is the lowest cost. If everyone is playing CCTV advertising is impossible, I think the ultimate is low cost. Before consumers want to buy air conditioners,
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