02/05/18 09:10AM
The province controls
compared to the same period; The province controls the country assessment section water quality amounts to mark to lead 100% , ground of fountainhead of drinking water of [url=]magic deck pvc porch ceiling cover[/url] prefectural class above assesses index to amount to mark entirely; Management of standardization of unit of industrial danger useless generation, management unit selectives examination randomly percent of pass is

respectively 95.95% , 98.13% , [url=]6 ft vinyl fence panels clearance[/url] rank complete province front row. 2017 year comb 5 kinds big 91 environmental protection highlight processing of 10 kinds of big problem, 63 air pollution task of key of prevention and cure of 8 big the task, 51 water pollution, 4 kinds big 24 solid are useless prevent and cure with soil contamination the task, join forces assault [url=]plastic extrusion defects[/url] fortified positions,

breakthrough of one by one. holds to " treat reduce tie " , emphasize processing advocate area of key of the city zone and south, southwest ministry, [url=]adding height to vinyl fence[/url] outstanding catch season of good Qiu Dong, heating season " two season " and medicinal powder coal, " messy corrupt " " two medicinal powder " , advance the key task such as industry, Yang Chen, motor vehicle as a whole, execute fountainhead

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