02/06/18 04:32AM
plant go into operation
that rate of downstream plant go into operation glides continuously, the market of pear of near future safflower buys gas relatively the corresponding period is [url=]engineered deck flooring dallas[/url] apparent last month fall after a rise, prices weak force is arranged. Additionally the businessman expresses, the price of safflower pear is climbed this year litre to perch, management risk also relatively increase apparently

before, because this is [url=]long-term water absorption wpc floor[/url] medium without giving thought to,swimming lumber businessman or downstream furniture purchase business, not dare goods of many store up, market discretion mood particularly apparent. To next year is to go situation, the businessman expresses to be reduced hard inside the short time of stock cost price of safflower pear, predict [url=]water tight outdoor floor tiles[/url] next year the price of period safflower pear

still can maintain the state with exalted certain look forward to first half of the year. Pear of Guangdong market safflower is at present long 2, 4m, [url=]deck and outdoor ideas[/url] thick 5cm, class A quotes 8000, 8500 yuan / stere. Red Hu Tao is low a concussion. Below off-season influence, market of near future red walnut trades quantity than before glide somewhat. The businessman expresses, the value that shows level

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