02/06/18 07:07AM
happy old general
that approachs in happy old general, the bosses of annatto furniture factory are strong support, happy event is greeted of course asked for. Environmental protection [url=]extending yard pvc fence in australia[/url] duty understands below, look in annual probably in 50 billion yuan environmental protection duty, how much can you contribute? 1, what is environmental protection duty after all? Our country the first reflect technically " green

tax system " one-way tax law. [url=]cheapest fence to have installed[/url] Legal general " protect and improve an environment, reduce contaminant to discharge, advance zoology civilization to build " write legislative tenet. Its are overall train of thought is by " cost " change " duty " , realize blowdown to expend the smooth move that the system spends to environmental protection tax system namely. [url=]water tight decking near the water[/url] 2, what circumstance should pay

environmental protection tax? " environmental protection tax law " point out clearly: Discharge gas, water, solid and noise to the environment directly these 4 [url=]find cheap composite wood floor in qatar[/url] kinds answer the enterprise institution of duty contaminant and other production operator, need tax of pay environmental protection. 3, involve many 500 of all kinds company? Discharge gas, water, solid and noise to the environment

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