02/07/18 03:22AM
coating manufacturer composition
association decorates coating manufacturer composition by the building, its member exceeds 1/3 of market of Italian building coating, split up in view of the market [url=]anti-slip composite decking[/url] serious, can regard the representative starting point that is statistical work out. According to the data of Assovernici statistic, the market sales volume 2016 is 495 million litres, value 1.16 billion euro. The average sale price at

that time is every liter 2.35 euro.[url=]wood floor panels quality[/url] This is the lowermost figure since 2010, every litres price remains 2.28 euro at that time. Reached maximum price 2012 (2.42 euro) . Italy builds the crop of coating to also drop gradually since 2010. 7 years ago, their crop is less than -19312512 litres, this number did not exceed all the time since that. In sale respect,[url=]landscape timber pathway[/url] recorded the highest value that

gets 1.53 billion euro 2011. 2012, sale drops 1.3 billion euro is the following, this is meant 2016 fall very low. Assovernici predicts, to 2017, sales volume [url=]composite wood privacy fencing[/url] keeps basically changeless, it is 498 million litres, predicting sale will increase 20 million euro, achieve 1.18 billion euro, every litres of price will rise to 2.37 euro (+ 0.02 euro) . Although these growth are negligible only,

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