03/09/18 05:29AM
limited natural resources
Italy is the country with very limited natural resources of a forestry, compare with photograph of its lumber process capability especially, lumber output appears [url=]pvc cladding wall panel egypt[/url] very insufficient. Nevertheless, this country is having tremendous process capability, manufacturing company is lesser, distributing very wide, the whole nation shares woodworker business 300, from personnel of course

of study 1. 20 thousand person,[url=]exterior flexible tiles[/url] can offer phyletic and various product for domestic and international market. With branch of other manufacturing industry, the entrance large family that lumber treatment industry of Italy also is a raw material, consumption large family and product export large family. Industry of machinery of Italian lumber treatment is made in [url=]Decorative Plastic Composite Sheets[/url] the desk and chair, the

treatment machinery respect such as bore of plank treatment, surface and adornment all reached world banner level, make the faucet of course of study of world person of [url=]Best Price On Tongue And Groove 2X6 Wood[/url] the same trade. Today's action mixes machinery of Italian lumber treatment and cutting tool Manufacturers Association specialization degree can provide excellent service to member company, help them solve person technology

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