03/12/18 06:39AM
forward to pulls weak
to apply for to join " strong look forward to pulls weak village " activity. This town develops capital attraction activity continuously, hold to with [url=]new wpc deck wood in qatar[/url] " the gain that enrol business talks a hero " , build bulletin of week of report one's work, month, season to assess a mechanism, work of aggrandizement capital attraction is steady advance. Recommend total investment spin of 1.2 billion

yuan of red willow (Shu is in relief) [url=]composite decking 1.25 inch thick[/url] limited company of science and technology opens an area into the classics that be stationed in a county, workshop of 60 thousand square metre already built first phase, begin trial production. Introduce Lin Runmu course of study, achieve exhibit ease of spin, colour to draw material, Ke Manwen to change the investment such as things project of [url=]Fashion Interior Decorative Glass Panel[/url] 10 million

yuan of above 8, introduce Sai Laiya dress to wait for 6 to be stationed in a town to standardize workshop project. Introduced Jiangsu is green the project of distributed new [url=]Alternative Wood Products South Africa[/url] energy resources that moves new energy limited company to invest 150 million yuan is being built. The item of 10 thousand household of the workshop that help deficient up of smooth rice builds go into operation by

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