03/12/18 09:19AM
portion and an updated portion of demand
Smart home is a concept. "A fund researcher on the" China Business "reporter said:" Some smart home products, the market has been sold. I went to try, I feel nothing. Not that 1 + 1 (a function plus another function)? ” He cited examples: "For example, I bought a panel, there are two functions."
First, it is a panel, and second, it heats up. For another example, I bought a shoe bench, which added a Bluetooth, plus a sound. What's the point? For example, the refrigerator can watch TV, shower in the bath can listen to music, but also a value-added service nothing more.
"Integration problems" Compared to traditional home, smart home consumption upgrade. With the increase in the demand of residents, there are both an increasing portion and an updated portion of demand. At present, this one is still a new industry,
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