03/13/18 07:51AM
performed best in sheet metal furniture
the 4 branded products submitted were all lower than the 1.5 mg/L limit required by the new national standard. In comparison, a colorful pink plate locker exhibited the highest toxicity, with a formaldehyde emission of 1.0 mg/L, exceeding the minimum formaldehyde emission of 0.3 mg/L.
The only person in the industry who claims to use the European E0 standard plate is the cool diffuser with a formaldehyde emission of 0.2 mg/L. Although it performed best in sheet metal furniture, it fell into doubt about the indefinable E0 standard.
MDF formaldehyde more? Under certain circumstances, formaldehyde is indeed one of the invisible killers that induce childhood leukemia. The magazine has submitted inspections to the lockers or bedside cabinets of Colorful Life, Cool Manju,
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