03/14/18 03:39AM
heavy pollution of this
early-warning of class of II of heavy pollution of this He lustre guides industry. Gigantic wild air pollution is below file of atelier of prevention and cure [url=]customer rating of composite decking[/url] points out plank processes a trade clearly same stop production. These two files can see, should pollute again only (mist haze) weather appears, beijing ferry hopes travel of plank of the Langfang of air pollution passageway,

Xing Tai, He lustre is faced with [url=]outdoor building floor joist spacing[/url] stop production shutdown possibly. Weather of haze of mist of Qiu Dong season just began 2017, next a few months still can have mist haze weather for many times, langfang, the board industry of the city such as He lustre, Xing Tai should is faced with possibly for many times even temporarily shutdown stop production, [url=]plastic exterior wall cladding philippines[/url] if shutdown frequency is overmuch, board

industry still may be met again collective rises in price. Lumber market these breed very be in short supply, price rocket near future, company of each [url=]decking material is not slippery[/url] district lumber in succession start working, lumber market response trades busily setting, but the condition that demand exceeds supply and tide of be in short supply still are in continuance, the trend that lumber price rises forward as

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