03/14/18 03:48AM
raw materials used by the company
The lowest detection value of /kg. It cannot be said that several branded products that were sent for inspection did not detect heavy metals, which means that there is no problem with heavy metals in the entire children's furniture industry. After all,
this has a very big relationship with the furniture raw materials used by the company, especially paint, and the market is still flooded with many inferior paints. Fan Hao, general manager of Foshan Minimalist Furniture Co., Ltd. said. However, the paradox is that rich and colorful colors are usually one of the important means for businesses to attract children.
If you walk into a children's section of a large home shopping mall, consumers may find it easy to see that they are full of playful and cute cartoon characters. One of the solutions is to use no paint. In order to avoid heavy metals, an ink printing technology was used to sell cool cartoons such as Disney and Alicom.
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