04/12/18 08:27AM
the price of the general wood product
In particular, solid wood staircases do not excavate the potential for real value-added, such as valuable timber, custom-made, hand-carved, and brand culture. The author investigated a total of more than 100 terminal staircase shops and found that whether it is a manufacturer's direct sales stores or distributors,
national brands or regional brands, 90% of store guides are mainly concerned with the introduction of the stairs, focusing on wood species, valuable timber prices On the high, the price of the general wood product is low. And even for timber, most shopping guides are limited to wood species and price differentiation,
to point out to customers that this is red oak, which is expensive for eucalyptus, teak, ash is cheap…… and for wood outside the stairs Product value, such as brand, culture, craftsmanship, service, etc., most shopping guides are only a bit sloppy and vague.
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