04/12/18 10:00AM
medium fine board manufactures
bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? "Wheat straw is medium fine board manufactures engineering technology " project of achievement of science and technology [url=]8 ft x 8 ft wood fence panels[/url] is passed check and accept Issue date: 2003-2-12 origin: Of institute of industry of lumber of courtyard of Chinese forest division " wheat straw is medium fine board manufactures engineering technology " project, the technology of preparation of

wheat straw fiber that uses original [url=]tongue and groove composit decking[/url] creation and use technology of glue, tone glue, on the basis that completed lab work, had the productivity test of beaverboard of the density in wheat straw successfully. Productivity experiment product via the country man-made board quality is supervised examine the center detects, main can index reached level of state of beaverboard of the density in our [url=]colonial picket fence plans[/url] country

(GB/T11718, 1999) is classy tasted requirement. Beaverboard of the density in be being mixed with existing particieboard is compared, have density not only even, inside combinative strength is high and the characteristic with good waterproof properties, and have the advantage that releases without formaldehyde, and cost [url=]put a deck to the edge of above ground pool[/url] reduces 10 % left and right sides, it is product of a kind of green environmental protection that

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