04/13/18 07:30AM
kind of mucus
the enterprise still regards main glue as sticky agent in colophony of use Niao aldehyde, the advantage with because this kind of mucus is sticky the biggest dose is raw material [url=]longboard soffit cost comparison[/url] is abounded, function good, price is low, but the limitation that Niao aldehyde colophony gets synthetic technology, no matter how improve a recipe, chemical reaction cannot be very complete, in the product is being made and using a

process, still exist release the redundant [url=]discount sale deck wood[/url] formaldehyde problem that did not share reaction. Synthetic craft is backward, the formaldehyde gas that gives off is much; Synthetic technology is a few more advanced, formaldehyde gas is less, control very hard, ineradicable. And glue of ability in swimming of roc grand PHZ does not have aldehyde joinery board collect in order to natural plant [url=]plastic garden bench replacement slats iceland[/url] is raw material, the glue

sticky agent that via special synthesis craft is developed and becomes, let joinery board left from now on formaldehyde pollution. (cliff of capital times Xue) The international market foreground of bamboo industry very value: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? The international market [url=]plastic outdoor floor system[/url] foreground of bamboo industry very value Issue date: 2002-4-11 origin: The expert thinks, the

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