04/16/18 05:21AM
borrowing plan of a mountainous
complete province 2000 year his borrowing plan of a mountainous area and integrated development, send an expert guidance of base of long-term be stationed smokes wood to produce, [url=]free provide tongue groove deck sample[/url] still provide loan of 15 million yuan of low interest every year for California group. Here drive falls, the cypress project of California group builds total investment to will achieve LO. 300 million yuan. Current, include to grow peaceful, Na

Jing, Long Hai, Tongan, south how to wait for 5 counties (city) the development orchid that state-owned forestry centre of much place hilly area and Zhangzhou already brought into [url=]plastic windows for sale[/url] California group pursues. Reflect a plan, the afforestation area this year will reach California group 30 thousand mus, arrived 2003 annual 2010 afforestation area carries the scale in 20 thousand mus. Can infer, fujian develops the spring of

teak to be about to come. Does the near future importof Russia lumber market conditions? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? The near future imports [url=]market size of wpc 2015[/url] Russia lumber market conditions Issue date: 2002-6-10 origin: Gross of lumber of our country entrance was 18.74 million stere about 2000 (log, sawn timber, veneer and plywood) , amount is 32. 6.3 billion dollar, and entrance lumber gross was

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