04/16/18 06:25AM
polymer linear colophony
antirust priming paint is high polymer linear colophony, rectify and model colophony, inhibitive pigment, bleeding agent and change the material such as the agent. [url=]Add A Railing To An Existing Deck[/url] Its job mechanism is to pass certain and active dye and inhibitive pigment to be below the action of inorganic salt, quickening ferruginous form content of stable and compact miscellaneous much more acerbity complexing, make ferruginous passivation

loses active, obtain antirust covering layer thereby. This kind of antirust priming paint is like next characteristics: 1) anti-corrosive, it is in the environment of 2 ℃ [url=]Install Flashing Between Mobile Home Deck[/url] of 23 ± , immerse 250 hours with 3% NaCl solution, coating is not had bubble and fall off to resemble;2) now high temperature resistant, the adherent force of;3) of paint film coating that still can keep good below the circumstance [url=]durable fence material easy install[/url] of 300 ℃ is

powerful, it is good without flexibility of any harmful response;4) to be used with all sorts of face lacquers, in bend to fall with collision circumstance normally, paint film does not have chap delamination phenomenon. Construction of this kind of antirust priming paint is very convenient also, already but the hand is brushed,[url=]composite deck boards[/url] also but spray. When using spray, caliber of spray gun nozzle should choose 1.5-1.9mm, air

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