04/16/18 12:02PM
exporting wood products have been hindered
In the near future, the raw materials market in Northeast China continues to be in a state of desolation, the overall sales are sluggish, and the high inventory situation is serious. The timber market in Northeast China is difficult to pick up, and sales in all categories of the 11th Golden Week have not improved.
Some businesses have reported that the negative situation in the domestic market and the export of exporting wood products have been hindered. These negative factors have hit the northeastern wood very hard. However, the good news is that in the depressed northeast wood market, the sales volume of Ash will increase and the shipments will pick up.
Ash, alias also known as the northeastern maggot, twigs opposite to students with a four-edged, odd-pinnate compound leaves. Manchurian ash is an ancient relict plant. Although it is widely distributed, it is mostly scattered and is a national class II key protected wild plant.
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