05/14/18 07:29AM
persons labour forest
direction that to benefit choose and employ persons labour forest resource gives priority to to transform, 20 century since 70 time, the development of man-made board industry is more rapid. [url=]sustainable outdoor fencing materials[/url] 1970 ~ 1994, world lumber wastage grew 36 % , achieve 3.4 billion stere. Industrial log crop from 12. 7.8 billion stere grows 14. 6.7 billion stere. But sawn timber crop from 4. 1.5 billion stere decreases 4. 1.3 billion

stere, and man-made board output grows 1 [url=]plastic floor tile for outdoor place[/url] from 70 million stere. 2.7 billion stere. 1970 world man-made board the 17 % that consumption is sawn timber only, grew 34 % 1997, achieve 1 . 5.3 billion stere. The noticeable change in this group of numbers is man-made board growth is rapid, sawn timber grows backwater, the increase part of [url=]open verandas for srilankan house[/url] market demand by man-made board growth will complement. Produce the account of this

kind of change, because the market is right,be of lumber product high quality demand and develop man-made board industry to be versed in to reasonable profit choose and employ persons forest material resource is mixed increase obtain employment to have promote apparently. At the same time the progress of science and [url=]exterior cladding manufactures[/url] technology is mixed the support of capital, the development that also is man-made board industry

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