05/15/18 07:53AM
largest and highest specification celebration
More than 1,000 guests attended the event, including UN science officials and the world. The master craftsmen from all countries, this will be the largest and highest specification celebration since wcc was founded. Two new thematic activities There were six events in the 2008 World Handicrafts Congress,
and the event added two major thematic activities, totaling eight. In addition to the regular opening ceremony, closing ceremony, world craft culture forum, work conference, Baihua Cup and wood carving skill competition, two additional topics were added:
the 50th anniversary of the World Craft Council and the Honorary Chairman 10 There are six special exhibition activities, including annual retrospective exhibition, the World Handicrafts Council badge certification (East Asia) exhibition, and the Dongyang International Woodcarving Art Competition award-winning exhibition;
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