05/16/18 07:36AM
veneer is mixed
roduction on the world. Sawn timber, veneer is mixed always produce actually of man-made board can amount to stere of 2 ten million, volume of among them total export is less than 10% , [url=]material calculator for wood fence[/url] the share that lumber product of Brazil holds an international market is only 2% . In last few years, lumber product of Brazil exports a quantity to increase somewhat. To increase export further, enlarge the share that its lumber p

roduct holds in international market place, brazilian government increased the investment of this respect, adopted new national policy. The hope made export volume double 2002.[url=]composite wood pergola used on patios[/url] Brazil will pay close attention to China and day our market more. Brazil is located in South America the eastpart part, be close to east Atlantic, the area is close kilometer of 8.5 million square, population exceeds 100 million 6 million, h

ave the oldest tropical virgin forest on the world, the reserves of silvan natural resources and tree are planted rich. Current, the amount that Brazilian log exports to China is limited, [url=]cheap osb board in kent[/url] but China is planted to South-American tree not unfamiliar, be like: Ipe, cumaru, tatajuba use at real wood floor, already comparatived in China general. South-American lumber material pledges hard, tree is planted miscellaneous,

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