05/16/18 10:26AM
directly from an aniseed material
purchasers may take a look at whether the adjoining place of furniture is Connected in this way, instead of using nails or glued, and the connection is not detailed and rough, the interface is exactly the same, no problem. 4. Second, look at the wood grain and touch the material.
If the surface of the furniture has obvious bump marks and the wood grain does not break or change naturally, it may be spliced ​​with different materials. 5. The best mahogany furniture is carved directly from an aniseed material, and the so-called big material,
that is, the company selected out of the complete, good wood firewood, furniture made out of this atmosphere. 6. See if the labels on the labels can be labeled with the name of the species of tree, the Latin name, the number of products, and the product variety,
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