05/16/18 10:53AM
lumber increases substantially
spending of our country lumber increases substantially, consumption of lumber of whole 2001 society amounts to 246 million stere, countrywide lumber consumes amount to [url=]cheap laminate hardwood floors[/url] be left and right sides of 100 billion yuan of RMBs. In the consumption of 246 million stere, 51 million stere cuts inside national plan, the country collects for private use to did not enter current 50 million stere oneself, the others

comes from for the most part at the entrance. [url=]bamboo veneer in Las hippocampus Emirates[/url] 2001, our country lumber imports a quantity to amount to 93.2 million stere, basically use at the building, decorate, furniture. From " the day is protected " after the project is carried out, supply of domestic timber resource decreases substantially, [url=]best flooring for decks in Japan[/url] especially natural forest proportion is smaller and smaller. In the 51 million stere that cut inside national plan

last year, natural forest occupy 38% the left and right sides, artificial Lin Zezhan arrives 62% the left and right sides. Northeastern 4 old state-owned forest, working key move arrives [url=]fastening plastic wood floor[/url] how to raise lumber on treatment and integrated utilization rate. Southern and collective forest zone is carried out " the day is protected " after the project, the Sichuan that attributes advanced position of the Yangtse River,

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