05/30/18 03:03AM
traditional etiquette in the tea ceremony
This piece is also in the forefront of the entire Dongyang. The experiential sales model vividly displays the mahogany culture, the sound of silk and bamboo music, fresh and elegant calligraphy and paintings, and a refreshing drink of tea in the sea of ​​mahogany furniture.
This feeling is relaxing and enjoyable. Hu Xiao said that as the 4s shop has a test drive car, mahogany furniture, 4s shop, of course, ultimately, this kind of experiential experience. The integration of zither, tea ceremony, and poetry painting is to create an atmosphere that allows customers to come in and feel the redwood culture in all directions.
A staff member of the exhibition hall lifted the water bottle and let the water fall down. Then he used the power of his wrist to pull up and down the water three times. The three-pointed nod of the Phoenix was a traditional etiquette in the tea ceremony.
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