05/30/18 07:36AM
low-end mahogany resources
What are the potential new shares of gambling stocks to make more money? From the end of last year, the price of Souzhi rose soared, and it has become a luxury. The grade of mahogany is clearly differentiated and can be divided into three lines: first line is Hainan Pear, Vietnam Pear,
lobular rosewood, second line is bigleaf red sandalwood, The red rosewood, the third line is the Myanmar rosewood, and the Burmese rosewood, etc. As for the wood species expanded by the new national standard of Hongmu, there are fierce disputes in the industry, which may be attributed to the fourth line.
Some people in the industry believe that there is a long-term downside risk to the overall economy, especially the property market, which has caused some difficulties in the mahogany furniture industry. Many enterprises that originally made valuable mahogany furniture have developed medium- and low-end mahogany resources in order to survive,
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