05/30/18 12:11PM
round resounding Japan
furniture of international of Tokyo of round resounding Japan Issue date: 2002-12-16 origin: On November 27---On December 6, liaoning furniture line of business goes to Japanese [url=]laminate floor to outside door[/url] Tokyo ginseng to exhibit an investigation group, of the big, product with dimensions, whole meeting exhibits the rich sensation of mobile content. Furniture of Japanese Tokyo international is exhibited is the furniture with

Asia-Pacific the largest area is exhibited,[url=]outdoor flooring anti slip tiles design[/url] also be the important window that international furniture line of business communicates. In the meantime, japan also is the 2nd old furniture of world consumes a country. Although in last few years Japanese economy glides, but still hold year of furniture sale 30 billion dollar, [url=]black watch decking planks[/url] it is a huge market. Also be one of staple market that Chinese furniture exports, entrance China

furniture was 2001 9, 248, 5 million yen, among them Liaoning exit Japan takes 50 million dollar, year increase rate 15 % above. Reach Asia-Pacific international market in Japan [url=]latitudes capricorn decking pricing[/url] to enlarge Liaoning furniture have rate, press the overall deploy of Chinese furniture association, the beginning of the year of province furniture association decorates the ginseng that attend day to exhibit inspect a plan, organize company

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