05/31/18 02:55AM
personally specify furniture discounts
It is reported that for the performance of the 11th Beijing market, Sofia invited its spokesperson Shu Qi to appear in the Liza shop, browse the scene to personally specify furniture discounts, plus a substantial rebate, the factory rebate rebate, and an innovative custom combination program.
In one activity, Sofia’s collection exceeded 20 million. Designing the furniture makers of the week In addition to the hard work of creative designs, the home industry in the long holidays has also shown its elegance in Beijing Design Week.
During the 11th period, more than 100 venues such as the China Millennium Monument, 798, 751, Caochangdi, Dashilan, Design Capital Building, Gehua Tower, Beifu Innovation Park, and Dongcheng Hutong Creative Factory were marked with Beijing International Design Week and displayed in Beijing.
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