05/31/18 09:05AM
locality is actual
year total output amounts to 3.2 million tons, among them the 50% above that the crop such as oil of oil of anise, Hui, Yu Gui, laurel, colophony takes the throughout the country, [url=]Outdoor Flooring Products for backyard[/url] total production value is close one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan. Guangxi union this locality is actual, adjust optimize forestry structure, increase capital investment, increase

content of science and technology, [url=]composite stairs decking to concrete patio[/url] resource advantage advantage of economy of progressively translate into, make economic forest construction enters whole area a new development level. Move flavor product with what laurel of anise, jade gives priority to, it is the economy that Guangxi has characteristic and advantage most forest breed, [url=]lumber dealer southern california[/url] cultivate volume of trade of output of area, product, product to be in advantage

position in the whole nation. Current, whole area anise cultivates an area to amount to 247 thousand hectare, occupy the whole nation to cultivate the 85.4 % of the area,[url=]best non skid for tiled outdoor steeps[/url] produce per year dried fruit 38 thousand tons, occupy the 75.8 % of countrywide total output. Complete Ou Yugui is cultivated, area 138 thousand hectare, produce per year cork 82 thousand tons, many places build product exit basically already to

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