06/01/18 03:42AM
the basics of the traditional wood carving
In the age when agriculture was used, and the average person was not allowed to learn craftsmanship, in order to master wood carving techniques, he worked in the daytime and secretly learned at night. Soon, he mastered unique skills and became the first craftsman in Huangshi to wrap silver pieces for the statue of woodcarving.
He was the carpenter Wang Huangzhong of the Songshan Township. He repeatedly studied the basics of the traditional wood carving art and synthesized the various leaders. After 50 years of study and pondering, he has gradually developed his own unique style.
A hammer carved a carved wood carving world dragons, birds and animals, due to wooden posture. Walking into a woodwork workshop in Guozhuang Bay, Jiulong Village, Yushan Township, Daye County, a thick scent of eucalyptus floated. Under the leadership of the wood sculptor Huang Shizhong, we seem to have entered a magical wood carving world.
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