06/01/18 10:44AM
wood carving works devoted
At present, Huang Qiuyun has carved and painted wooden antique gatehouses and bridges in the parks of Beijing, Shenzhen, and Qingdao. In Fuwa, the tooth-carving work he later showed to reporters, he saw only about 6 cm tall ivory. He was carefully engraved with six gourd dolls, and the small, delicate shapes made him shine.
One hundred filial piety is the first. According to reports, Huang Qiuyun’s works are mostly based on the “Hundred Pie Charts,” such as Huang Xiang’s nine-year-old fan pillows and Wang Xiang’s story of lying on the ice, highlighting the warmth of affection.
He said that these wood carving works devoted their own efforts and sweat. Wood carvings are the accumulation of cultural ideas and aesthetic interests of the arts and craftsmen of the past. Just like the old teachings of the Chinese traditional virtues, they should be handed down from generation to generation and carried forward.
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