06/05/18 03:02AM
its goods releases set
material, man-made board and its goods releases set limit to " new standard. According to new standard, the plywood that wooden estate company produces, the content of the [url=]wood plastic fencing systems[/url] formaldehyde in glue should drop from original 1 % 0. 1 % , the formaldehyde of plywood releases a quantity to drop to be less than 5 milligram to every litres from every litres of original 50 milligram. As hold countrywide plywood total

output 1/3, the wooden industry large county that plywood annual produce exceeds 7 billion yuan fine be apt to, hold conduct propaganda quickly to carry out congress namely after [url=]camper interior wall panels for sale[/url] new standard is promulgated, sizy production company begins to develop new low formaldehyde glue, plywood produces an enterprise to improve manufacturing technology in full blast. Current, plywood of many 150 standard produces this

county in the enterprise, 80 % above already had the capacity that produces low formaldehyde plywood. This year first half of the year, bureau of qualitative inspect of county of [url=]outdoor decking lights sale engagement[/url] fine be apt to is right entire county the product of Niao aldehyde glue of 120 batch mixes 42 enterprises the plywood product of 452 batch undertook 152 enterprises detect, the result shows the provision that reached new level.

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