06/05/18 10:38AM
whole town furniture exports
lta. Last year, industry of whole town furniture exports the forehead to amount to 1.3 billion dollar, occupy the whole nation to export about 3 into many; And Taiwan [url=]how to bend composite edging[/url] businessman company of many 200 furniture, exit forehead exceeded 500 million dollar last year. Before this year 4 months, forehead of exit of this city furniture is close 600 million dollar, than last year the corresponding period increases 2 into 3,

among them Taiwan businessman furniture [url=]Outdoor deck designs pictures[/url] exports 320 million dollar, achieve in recent years furniture of the Taiwan businessman inside 4 months exports most. The international that manufacturer of Taiwan businessman furniture builds sells a network, formed " Taiwan accepts the order, Dongguan production, [url=]alternative tounge and groove porch flooring[/url] hong Kong is exported " management mode. Investment of town of hill of this city big mountain range exceeds 100

million yuan station endowment furniture company has 8, among them 3 to appear on the market company. Rise furniture group to be with the stage exemple, its year productivity [url=]use plexiglass for decks[/url] amounts to 200 million (set) , the product that exports everyday 25 to 30 crate, and the furniture that whole town has more than 100 crate everyday sells past world each district. ---Information of market of Guangdong forest products

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