06/05/18 11:57AM
Furniture a grand style and a feature
there are also precious materials such as gold, silver, jade, ivory, enamel, and treasures inlaid in Jingzuo Furniture, making Jingzuo Furniture a grand style and a feature that matches various crafts. Third, from the ornamentation point of view, it is unique in comparison with other regions.
It draws materials from the three generations of ancient bronze wares collected in the Imperial Palace and the stone art of the Han Dynasty, and is skillfully decorated on the furniture. The Ming Dynasty more sculptured dragons, dragons. In the Qing Dynasty,
there were all kinds of dragons, dragons, phoenixes, sarcophaguses, pythons, moths, moustaches, animal facets, moires, pythons, and hooks. Su Zuo: First, it is a generous style, sober and elegant, no complicated carvings, inlays, even carving, inlaying is also simple, full of tradition.
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