06/06/18 05:18AM
market also caused price inconsistency
The sales of Yabo in the bracelets and handicrafts market also caused price inconsistency. The reporter freely asked several merchants and found that the prices of Yabo are not the same, and most of them are based on water hyacinth and quotation.
One merchant said: Don’t say I’m Clifforch expensive. I’m also very helpless. It’s difficult to start with raw materials. When I go to the gambling, I’m happy that I’m lucky. I’m not lucky, I’m not sure. This time, the Xianyou Redwood log market rushed to grab Ya Pak, thinking of the first quarter of 2014.
Scenes were staged everywhere on Xianyou Earth. Numerous men, women, and children holding an axe surrounded a truck and picked and robbed the wood. When we arrived, we started picking up an axe. These people are snatching a kind of wood called "red sandalwood".
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