06/07/18 02:20AM
furniture dominated by rosewood furniture
and soon fell into the flood of folk rosewood furniture dominated by rosewood furniture. Of course, during the Ming and Qing dynasties, the royal family and Xianguimen first admired mahogany furniture, the first being rosewood, the second being huanghuali,
and the third being old mahogany, but there are also some fragrant pears (large fruit rosewood). According to the "Redwood" national standard, rosewood refers to the seven tree species of the leguminous genus Pteridophyte, and the famous wooden rosewood is the same tree belonging to several different tree species.
In the classification of timber trade, rosewood and rosewood are two different categories. Rosewood (scientific name Sandalwood) is classified as rosewood, and rosewood is classified as rosewood. Because these two types of wood belong to the same genus in botany,
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