06/07/18 08:44AM
the scent of red sandalwood
The grass and pears that Guangxi people said were originally referred to as this type of rosewood, but it was only some Guangxi businessmen who lacked common sense. They did not know that there were many kinds of rosewood, and they simply called all the rosewood as grass pear.
The best real rosewood material is undoubtedly a birdfoot rosewood. Because this rosewood material is the most delicate (more than the Cambodian rosewood) and uniform, the material color reddish, very noble and festive, also known as red pear, golden pear, etc.,
Southeast Asian countries and South Asian countries have this kind of rosewood. However, in addition to Lao materials, the scent of red sandalwood in other parts of the country is relatively light. In the mountains of Laos, the footsteps of red sandalwood are as rich and fragrant as the red sandalwood.
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