06/07/18 10:58AM
the average air-dry density
Of course, this does not mean that there is no adulteration in furniture. According to statistics, there are about 69 tree species in the leguminous genus. Among them, the average air-dry density is greater than or equal to 0.76 grams per cubic centimeter, and only 7 species are for rosewood.
The remaining 62 species are Asian pears. However, any kind of tree in the world may not be in line with a certain average value. It is believed that there are many types of wood in Asian pear varieties, and the dry air density can reach or even exceed the value of 0.76.
According to the basic definition of the "Redwood" national standard, these woods are regarded as rosewood, and are not considered counterfeit. Only the rosewood manufacturers and sellers will not be able to distinguish it, nor would they dare to take the risk, so they can only say that they are all rosewood.
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