06/08/18 05:21AM
the end surface is prone to cracks
air-dry density 1.20-1.36g/cm3, called the world's most dense wood, heartwood extremely resistant to decay, insect resistance, smooth cut surface, good polishing. The average bending strength is 14599 - 21599 psi, the average compressive strength is 900kg/cm2,
the radius shrinks 6%, the tangential contraction is 9%, and the end surface is prone to cracks. Third, the processing performance of hardwood due to heartwood, it is difficult to process, difficult to saw. Sawtooth must be strengthened and smooth.
Very good polishing, no paint, waxing and waxing is also very beautiful, and the spinning products are excellent. 4. Drying is best done in a shed and is naturally dry after being properly stacked. V. Use From the perspective of wood density, material color, and structural density,
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